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Oct 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
is interested in the economy, most of the polling shows that latino, asians, who expect to be interested in something different are seeing economy as a top issue. i think as latino and asian voters and other minority voters, what we want to hear about what does this data mean to me, to the bottom line. i'd love to see that happen in the debates. the actual voter. how is the dream going to be accessible to be. >> which is what biden does really, really well. >> you know what's interesting, melissa, stepping back for a minute, part of the problem with the debates and the natural discussion, we tend to agree with what the facts are. we can't agree what the structural issues are. if we can't agree that this number is the number under the deficit or this platform is the platform for taxes, how can you have a substantive debate? >> the republicans have actively attempted to say that numbers can be manipulated. >> sure. >> we had 7, 8% job numbers. i do think if we're going to have -- we have to have agreement about what constitutes evidence. >> that's my point about why i think biden is a much
Oct 6, 2012 7:00am PDT
we're really not talking about undocumented immigration. we're really talking about latinos. what we're really saying is we're afraid of all the latinos coming in and taking our -- that's the wedge who oppose comprehensive immigration reform have been using. we should be afraid of these people, these people mean latinos. and that actually also threatens who he are as a country. there's lots of language about not just taking our jobs. >> taking our identity. >> and what we're missing with the dream act, this is us. these are people who have been with us. >> right. >> we're here! >> we're already here. >> he's really on the wrong side of history here. you look as i mention the demographic changes, take north carolina for example, in north carolina, the black and hispanic electorate grew. the while share of the electorate fell by 2.5%. the country is on a trajectory and it's not moving backward. i know we'll talk about voter suppression later in the hour. this is the gop's only answer to demographic change. they back policies like the dream act or back voter suppression laws. there's no
Oct 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
-income, african-american, latino families. they're just trying to make ends meet. they don't have much access to political power. our election season is the one time where they feel they can have a say in our democracy. today our enormous disparities are reinforced by our political disparities. >> that's supposed to be the one moment that's maybe moving out. i ought to be able to say every voice counts equally in the ballot box. is that changing? i was looking at the amount of outside spending. if you look at the center for responsive politics about shadow money, you just see that this is new, right? yes, there's always been money in politics, but look at the explosion of it over the course of the past couple of election cycles, in particular 2012. lesley, do ordinary people still have a voice when there's this much loud spending going on? >> i think you mentioned a point about the 915,000 political ads. what wasn't added to that is it's a 44% increase from 2008. you wake up in the morning, your twitter feed is full of political ads. the truth is, all your mailings and everything else, i do w
Oct 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
-american thing but immigration. we tend to think about this immigration question as purely a latino question. it's not just for latinos, but it's for africans of can descent who are here and also having problems. >> anthea, i want to show you this commercial that's running that's intended to draw a wedge between african-americans and the latinos. >> i'm tired of the staur owe types that african-americans doan want to work. i god laid off and i've got mouths to feed. i need a job. what i doens understand is why they're going to immigrant millions of workers when 3 million black americans can't find work. do they really believe black americans don't want to work? let's slow down mass immigration and save jobs for americans, paid for by this is not a romney ad or obama hand but that's basically a jes jesse ad. >> i think that it's important that americans not be persuaded by this ad or fall into this trap. it's very interesting that the ad would say the reason why african-americans don't have jobs is because of immigrants instead of talking about our educational system, instead of t
Oct 20, 2012 7:00am PDT
in milwaukee and in ohio and some latino communities. we know that these billboards are put up to intimidate people, scare them off from voting, because there's a lot of mythology around what happens if, for example, you vote and you didn't pay your parking tipgts or you vote and you didn't pay child support or you voted and you didn't show up for jury duty. those kinds of things make people think, oh, no, i need to stay away, and so what we had to do is we have to educate voters. we have to do a countervailing balance because we know that there are people who don't want african-americans and latinos to vote. >> let me ask you about this countervailing because it seems to me that part of what happens is if you take what folks are meant to be doing, what their actually jobs are, and you say, okay, instead of doing that or you have to do that but you also now have to educate voters, have you to put up new billboards, then you actually add this kind of additional burden, this additional cost to folks for just attempting to vote. is that what this is? it's sort of in the end that no whaert what
Oct 14, 2012 7:00am PDT
of their vow was to put down the unprecedented electoral up rising of minorities, black, latino, caribbean and young people that came out in 2008. >> gihan, when you say electoral uprising, you mean voting? >> voting. unprecedented numbers. yes. unprecedented numbers of people -- of the new rising electoral. young people, women, latinos came out in 2008. it was an electoral uprising, a beautiful one. when the extremists came to power in 2010, part of their vow was to put down that uprising. they have a view that politicians should decide their electorate. not an expanding electorate deciding their representatives. so they went to all sorts -- >> gihan, this point is such a critical one. what we're looking at here, we're talking about an individual private citizen, not elected, who is making lists of people that she believes are ineligible voters. i was sort of teasing and saying should i just make a list of like all my friends and family who i happen to know are likely to vote different than me and send it in as they are likely voters going to commit voter fraud. you used the language of v
Oct 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
or latinos. >> you end up with abigail fisher in this university of texas case being a white woman against affirmative action. come on, are you kidding me? in texas? the role of affirmative action in bringing white women into the system. >> that's what was so interesting about mitt romney's quote, his pro affirmative action stance in the debate. when you're thinking about the binders full of women, hopefully it's -- >> multiracial women. >> but the point is that with the supreme court really deciding on affirmative action and thinking about really black and brown bodies being even kind of underrepresented in higher institutions, we have to think how it helped women get into higher positions of power. the other issue is how hard it is for women to run for elected office. so i think these -- all the issues we're talking about for the average women to go to work affect candidates and being called a dog and we know what a female dog really is. >> yes. >> how can we get women into elected office and get them to be viable presidential candidates. hillary clinton's specter is looming large. >> sh
Oct 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
a coalition of white union members with african-americans and latinos that did not go home after that ballot initiative. they are still mobilized and organized. so those two things, the fact that it's an auto state and the attack owe 9 labor movement last year is working to the president's favor right now. and the other thing is michigan is not even in play. this is the son of the governor of michigan is not in play. >> massachusetts is not in play either. and he was in fact the governor of massachusetts. we're running long here, but i just want to ask you specifically about this question of cars because we're talking about the importance of it in the issue of ohio, but american cars are a symbolic issue. isn't this play beyond ohio? >> it plays everywhere, but it's part of the slight economic comeback that's happening in ohio. that's why the president is doing so well. and i think mitt romney is going to get so desperate in ohio, i think he'll put on an ohio state jersey. it's just a matter of time. i can see him ripping up a wolverine jersey and putting on osu. >> we'll stay on this topic
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)